US Shale gas boom and water

We all are aware of the recent boom in US Shale gas extractions, and the fracturing extravaganza is now going Global. Companies are researching ways to reutilise water used in hydraulic fracturing, paving the way for a market worth Billions of dollars


Fracturing is a technology whereby oil is coaxed out of a rock formation through the pumping of high pressure water/ liquid. Companies are now looking at ways to recycle the “frack water” used

Currently frack water is being wasted and companies face huge bills to dispose of it. Too dirty to be used for crops, too full of rocks and debris to be re-used for fracking. The costs, both financially and environmentally, of water waste are huge.

The cost of a gallon of water delivered on site at a shale gas plant, range between 10 to 25 cents, and a given that the average well consume 1 billion of gallons a year (same as the average water consumption of 5,000 US citiziens — or the size of 5,000 Olympic swimming pols). A single fracturing attempt would cost $500k just on water

On top of that companies need to pay for disposal of dirty water (which is either transported to empty oil fields or injected in dorment wells), and the cost of this operation range between $4-to $8 dollars a barrel of water


By recycling the water (in simple terms, collect frack water, clean for debris and reuse for further fracking) operators can save between $1-3 dollar per barrel of oil produced! (a $250,000 savings over the lifetime of a typical well. Less than 5% of water used by the US shale gas industry is currently recycled

Companies i like:

Halliburton – Schlumberger – Select Energy Services – Ecologix



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